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Regulators Taking care of your SCUBA equipment is especially important because it is life support equipment. Your regulator is the heart of the...


Australian Standard Requirements In Australia all SCUBA cylinders are required to be hydrostatically tested every twelve months. This must be...


Get away from daily routine and join us in a tour to the most amazing exotic places around the world.


If you haven’t decided which course to take or what tour to book, you can use our full service list to choose.


We provide the best diving rental services, including professional cources with modern and secure gear.


Breathing Apparatus Inspections and Servicing If you have any Fire Safety Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) in your workplace, you are required to keep...

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New: Co2 Tuesdays!

As you may already know, among our many services, we can also fill and hydro your CO2 cylinders for that sweet little home brew set up of yours...

New: Co2 Tuesdays!

CO2 for HomeBrew

Did you know we test and fill CO2 bottles here in the Ozaquatec workshop?  We can do any size cylinder as long as it’s over 2kgs.  If you are...

CO2 for HomeBrew
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