Advance your Dive Training with Us!

Advance your Dive Training with Us!

Did you know we also do scuba training? Paul has been an advanced/specialty level instructor for years with PADI and NAUI and more recently SSI, and OzAquatec became an SSI Dive Centre just before the COVID crisis began this year.

Sue is an Advanced Open Water Instructor for SSI and also for DDI – Disabled Divers International so we can likely get you in the water whatever your abilities.

Between us, we can take you from your first dive in the ocean through to the professional dive levels.

SSI has some great offerings at the moment for courses:

Get a USD$300 voucher from Aggressor Fleets!

You can get a USD$300 Aggressor Fleet voucher just by purchasing a SSI Digital course kit

Check out their deal in conjunction with Aggressor Fleets which is running until 30 May 2020 (so you will need to get in quick!). Buy ANY SSI digital kit to start your online learning before 30 May 2020 and you can get a USD$300 voucher to use on selected Aggressor Liveaboards for your next trip (travel until December 2021).

There is a link to the details at the bottom of this post – as long as your purchase your kit by 30 May 2020 you qualify – can be ‘learn to dive’ or ‘advance your diving’ courses so get together with your mates and do a course/learn to dive and go on a liveaboard together next year saving USD$300 each!

Free “Science of Diving” Digital Kits

SSI Science of Diving digital course kit is FREE until 30 June 2020

In addition, SSI itself is offering the Science of Diving digital kit and certification fee free of charge until 30 June 2020. As they say, ‘You don’t know what you have forgotten’ from your open water course so it is a great refresher and builds on that learning.

We as the dive centre still need to fill in all the training paperwork with you to sign you off and we can charge for that time – however if you join our online academics sessions running from now until 31 July we also will do this free of charge. After 31 July for these FOC kits, there will be a fee for our time processing the paperwork and running the academics sessions ($125 if done one-on-one, or can be reduced if you join a prearranged session with others) .

The academics session with Sue is compulsory to be signed off by us. The Science of Diving course is one of the prerequisite courses to the professional level certifications so we are not prepared to sign it off without personally confirming your level of understanding of the materials in it.

Join in on current courses..

We have divers working through most of the above courses now – its not to late to join in as the academic sessions will be from early June and actual dives (where required) won’t be done until late June 2020

We have students currently doing the online learning portion of most of the above courses. Buy your kits now (and before 30 May to get that voucher) to get the study started. Sue will be holding the academic sessions from early June – via Zoom or Skype or can be done by practising social distancing at our workshop training room.

From mid/late June we will do the required pool sessions and ocean dives for most specialties. We have chosen to leave the practical side of training for Stress and Rescue (and any Open Water Diver training) until July/Aug – just to allow that extra bit of time to be clear of Covid-19 issues as these are both much more contact intensive courses even with modifications.

Not sure what to bundle? Well, combining any of the following specialties makes you a good all-rounder – Deep/Navigation/Night & Limited Viz/Wreck/Nitrox. If the ecologies interest you, there is already a bundled package for them. Consider adding the Underwater Photo and Video too – or combining that with Perfect Buoyancy and some ecologies to give us something specific to look for, identify and photograph.

Don’t forget you also get the free ‘Blue Oceans’ digital kit when you register with SSI to teach you about the environmental threats to our oceans and how you can minimise them.

Do we have your interest?

If you would like to get started on the online training or simply register your interest please fill in our EOI form here, then we can get back to you with a training plan and costs to get you underway

If you want to learn more about the USD$300 voucher deal from Aggressor Fleet please go here (dont forget to come back here though)

If you want to register for your free Science of Diving Digital kit from SSI, please go here – and remember to select Ozaquatec as your training partner (must be done via their page to get it FOC). You don’t have to already be a SSI diver to qualify for the free digital kit either.

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