CO2 for Home Brew

CO2 for Home Brew

Did you know we test and fill CO2 bottles here in the Ozaquatec workshop?  We can do any size cylinder as long as it’s over 2kgs.  If you are local to Brisbane we can usually fill your cylinders while you wait, just give us a call before you come down to make sure our schedule will allow. For those a little further away, we accept deliveries of cylinders and can arrange for a test, fill and return to you.

Our Home Brewing customer numbers are on the rise here at Ozaquatec and we love to see the setups they have all got going at home with the CO2 cylinders in use!  Thanks to some of our customers for sending in these great photos.

As always, when it comes to CO2 use with caution and handle your tanks with the utmost care. CO2 is an odourless gas that can be toxic in high concentrations. Always make sure your CO2 cylinders are kept in cool locations and never left out in the sun for long periods.

Please note we do not test or fill SodaStream CO2 bottles.



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