COVID-19 Precautions at OzAquatec

COVID-19 Precautions at OzAquatec

Its crazy times we are in isnt it! Due to the current environment we have been making a few changes here at OzAquatec. We are committed to working through while we can, and we can do so in isolation if we have the work, but in order to keep ourselves, and you our valued customers safe, we have changed things up a bit.

Opening Hours:

While we will have someone at the workshop most days (Bella must be fed!),  we are limiting our ópen’ hours to three days per week. 

Our opening hours from next week until further notice will be:

  • Monday – closed unless by appointment
  • Tuesday – 10.30am to 2.30pm – otherwise by appointment
  • Wednesdays – 10.30am to 2.30pm – normal access but refer to the ‘rules of visit’ below
  • Thursdays – 10.30am to 7pm – normal access but refer to the ‘rules of visit’ below
  • Fridays – closed unless by appointment
  • Saturday and Sunday – as per usual – closed

It is always recommended  to call before you come down. We will likely be on site our normal hours, we are just trying to restrict potential contact hours so if the above hours do not suit your schedule, please call to arrange a suitable drop off/pick up time.

Rules of Visits:

Preferably, all visits will be pre-arranged by phone for a specific time and day. That way we can ensure we don’t have more than one person at the counter at once. If the appointment for Monday is not made by Friday arvo, we cannot guarantee someone will be there.

Upon arrival, you will see a notice at our entrance. Please read it and follow the precautions strictly. Mainly, if someone is already at our counter please just take a seat until you are called up for your turn – even if you had a pre-arranged appointment time.

To ensure a speedy visit PLEASE ensure you have filled in your booking request before coming down – preferably the day before. Follow the links for scuba/CO2 related work, and for SCBA work. If you have not done so please take a seat and complete it on your phone. 

Once called to the counter, please place your gear on the counter, or if tanks, in the walkway opening, then please step back or take a seat. We will check the gear in, tag it up and you can be on your way.

If you can, please fill the booking request in online the day before you come in – that gives us time to have paperwork and gear tags ready for your arrival. If you are doing it on the spot you will need to take a seat until the necessary paperwork is completed by us.

When collecting gear, please call to let us know you are coming and ensure your payment is made via the online payment option, this will save time at the counter. Step back from the counter, we will place your gear and remove the wrapping (refer below) or spray tank handles with the sanitising solution, then we will step back and you can take your gear.

We are touching gear – how are we making it safe?

We are confident that we have procedures in place that make it safe for our staff, and for you as customer. The advice from the health authorities has been that warm soapy water and sanitiser is effective in killing the virus on hard surfaces and skin or fabrics/materials.

Upon check in of your gear, we will immediately be washing it in warm soapy water for BCDs and Regs, and spraying the tank handles valves with a sanitiser so these are free of germs for our technicians to commence work. This process also cleanses our hands of germs.

During the servicing procedure they go through cleaning processes anyway however upon completion they will have one final wash in warm soapy water before being hung to dry. They will remain untouched until dry when we will go back to wrapping them in plastic (a process we stopped to minimise plastic use but is necessary in these times) and moving them to the front office awaiting collection.

When you collect, we will re-spray the counter surface, then bring the gear to the counter while you stand back, then we’ll remove the plastic. This way you are only touching a cleansed surface when you pick them up. In the case of tanks, we will bring them out and place them where you can pick them up – but please wait for us to first sanitise the handle/tank valve again after we have handled them.

We are a small business…

Like many others, and we are not going to lie, this upcoming couple of months are going to be extremely tough. We fully understand and expect that everyone’s priorities need to be on keeping them and their families safe and fed so getting your dive gear serviced will not be high on your list of priorities especially if income is going to be strained like ours.

Please, remember those priorities and only bring gear in for servicing if your disposable income allows it. For many of us, diving is an ”essential” part of life – keeping us sane, relaxed and happy, and its the safest place from this germ, being underwater, and we want to help you keep doing so where possible. Unfortunately its the time on the surface intervals that we can catch the virus.

We have appreciated your support thus far, and if you have the financial ability to get your servicing done during this enforced down time we would really appreciate the business – plus that way you will not be part of the rush to get gear serviced when everything comes back to the new normal where turnaround time will likely be extended.

Other ways you can assist a small businesses like ours if you have the financial ability to do so is to purchase pre-paid tank fill cards, gift vouchers , sign up for scuba further education, contact us on 07 33991413 and get all your readings underway so that once the boats are going again we can knock off the dives, or check out the products on our website.

We remain healthy, upbeat and have already mapped out a big list of things we can finally ‘get around to’ if the full lockdown occurs to fill that down time. We can currently remain open – and need to to service our SCBA and oxygen customers.

Look out for our new dive club with member benefits, more dive trips and training opportunities – both in scuba and in the servicing arena.

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