i3 Inflator Servicing

i3 Inflator Servicing

A classic example of bad servicing. This i3 Inflator should have been easily serviced by a qualified technician.  In this case, when we have checked it as part of our service we found it has been significantly damaged by whoever serviced it last.  The damage is not visible from the front but when removed from the jacket we found only 2 washers instead of 3.  The technician would have had struggled getting this to seal without the 3rd washer so has decided a quicker fix would be to tighten the bolt so hard it has nearly pushed the screw head straight through the plastic housing.  This in turn has damaged the jacket housing also.

The end result?  The entire inflator and potentially the jacket now needs to be replaced.  An expensive outcome and something which just should not have happened in the first place.

If Ozaquatec is not doing your scuba servicing then please make sure whoever you use is a fully qualified servicing technician and an authorised service agent. And remember, cheaper is not always better in the long run.

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