Is your Reg/BCD safe?

You know the drill – your underwater life support system should all be serviced each year to keep it in tip-top working condition to keep you safe on your diving adventures.   But, lets face it…life gets busy, funds get tight,  you put it off to stretch out the time between services just a little bit more, or simply forget.

Now, its the holiday season, you have loads of diving planned – or perhaps you are leaving on that jetplane off to some exotic once in a lifetime dive destination, you get it out of storage, might even have to dust off a cobweb or two, and THEN you remember its actually been ‘quite a while’ since you last had it serviced!   Who is going to have time to service it before you go?

Our lads are machines and have been going like the clappers these last few weeks – but Im sure they have a little bit left in them haha.  For that peace of mind before your dive trip we can do a “Reg Safe” or “BCD Safe” check for you – while you wait even – just bring along a book or you can spend the wait time clearing emails on your phone.

So what is a Reg/BCD Safe check?

Well, first and foremost – it is NOT intended and should not replace your annual service.  Its purpose is to give you some peace of mind about your gear when you haven’t dived it for a while and are about to embark on a dive adventure.

Secondly – we are not prepared to do a ‘Reg/BCD Safe’ on just any gear that comes in.  It must meet some criteria:

  1. it is either less than a year old, it has been serviced by Ozaquatec within the last 18 months, or it has been serviced by another authorised service technician within the last 12 months (proof of purchase or last service will be required so bring it in with you), AND
  2. you haven’t dived them much since that last service was done – no more than 20 dives

Reg Safe Checks:

We will record details such as the serial numbers and the orientation of the  hoses on the first stage then perform initial checks such as that line pressures are stable and in the right range, a water check to look for leaks in hoses or fittings, the yoke or din fitting is removed and gets an ultrasonic clean with the o-rings replaced and lubricated, hoses, diaphragms, exhausts and mouthpieces are checked for wear and tear or holes and sintered filters are replaced.  It is then put on our breathing machine for 5 minutes to check for ease of breathing.

BCD Safe Checks:

We will record the details such as serial number, inflate and check for leaks in the water test.   We will remove inflators and dumps to clean inside then re-lube the seals, check all straps and the BC itself for wear and tear or damage, test the inflator functions as it should and then a final full inflation check.


This does not replace a full annual service and if it is due, then that should be booked in as soon as you are back from your holiday.  It is purely a peace of mind check to ensure the basic functioning is correct and you can feel confident they are safe to dive with in the short term.

We will not be doing any adjustments or tuning as part of the safety check – that is done in a full service.   If we find any issues such as the line pressures not being stable we will advise you accordingly and it may mean you need to actually do the full service.

Cost and how to book?

We do these safety checks for $69 incl GST.   You can book it in online through our service booking request form – fill it in before you come down.  Allow up to an hour or so – we can do it while you wait, but we can’t always just drop what we are doing and start it straight away so bring something to relax with while you wait – or read the latest DiveLog we have on the counter. Then go an enjoy that holiday dive trip with peace of mind!

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