New: Co2 Tuesdays!

New: Co2 Tuesdays!

As you may already know, among our many services, we can also fill and hydro your CO2 cylinders for that sweet little home brew set up of yours. Coming in to summer I’m sure there are even more bevvies to be brewed and enjoyed than normal.

We can usually do this while you wait, but what you may not know is there are a couple of factors that we have to consider when doing our fills – firstly, the lines get filled and of course that means we can lose CO2 to ‘bleed off’ after the fill is done, and secondly, we can’t fill CO2 while we are filling air tanks – we don’t want any risk of extra CO2 in the ambient air being sucked into a tank!

This means a couple of things – if we do lots of one off fills during the day/week, we can lose a lot of CO2 stock – which means we have to price accordingly to cover those losses, and when you rock up with your tank to be filled, we may need to change set-ups so it cannot always be done in just a couple of minutes like you would think.

So, what can you as brewers do to help?

Firstly, we can make efficiencies by filling lots of CO2 bottles in a session – less wastage! So, if bottles were all bought in for filling on a certain day then that is possible.

Secondly, if you are coming in with a CO2 bottle, and need it filled on the spot – give us a call and arrange a time to pop in so we can ensure we are set up to do it, not in the middle of doing air fills etc.

Introducing CO2 Tuesdays!

If you bring your CO2 bottles in for filling on a Tuesday, so you can bring it in anytime but it is to be filled on the Tuesday, then ask for the CO2 Tuesday deal – will will give you 10% off the normal fill price.

If you want it done while you wait – Tuesdays will be the best day – and we have seating outside here so you can relax and read a mag, check your emails or whatever while you wait. We even have power and USB points at the front counter now so you can do a quick re-charge of phone while waiting if needed!

Book your service in online by going to the our service booking form.

By booking it in online before coming down, preferably by Monday morning but on the day/at the workshop is fine too, we will know roughly how much CO2 we will need for fills on Tuesday and ensure we have enough in stock. We will generate the invoice for you so you can pay online and this saves hassle at pick up as that is already taken care of.

Collect late Tuesday arvo or anytime the rest of week – remember Thursday nights we are open late until 7pm. We usually have a bbq going and have a couple of brews…come along with a couple of your brews and have a brag about how great it is! We love trying new brews.

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