Cheers! to Tuesdays – CO2 filling – Home Brew

Cheers! to Tuesdays – CO2 filling – Home Brew

As you may already know, among our many services, we can also fill and hydro your  home brew CO2 cylinders. Coming in to summer I’m sure you will all be wanting to ensure you have enough CO2 to brew some wonderful coldies.  

We can do this while you wait, but what you may not know is there are a couple of factors that we have to consider when doing our fills – firstly because we can fill not only CO2 but air and oxygen for a range of cylinders we need to plan when we fill with different gases, we dont want to risk any gas being in the ambient air when we fill with another type. Always after filling of any cylinder we have to bleed off the lines, which means wastage.  If we fill one offs during the day/week, we can lose a fair amount of gas which in turn means our pricing will reflect this.

So to help with efficiency and keeping our pricing fair, we have introduced –

Cheers! to Tuesdays

Bring your CO2 cylinder in and have it filled on a Tuesday to receive 5% off the normal fill price.  Fill out the online booking form and drop it off whenever you wish but to receive the discount it will be filled on the following Tuesday.  Ready for collection late Tuesday afternoon or any day after that. 

Filling multiple cylinders = less wastage for us and less cost for you. 

If you cant wait for Tuesday and do need a fill on the same day, please call us on 07 3399 1413 to arrange so we can ensure we are set up to do it.



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