New online booking system for servicing is here!

New online booking system for servicing is here!

We are always striving to improve our service to you, so we have implemented a new online booking system for you to book your gear in for servicing with us.

Why?…and what is in it for you?

Some of the common issues/comments raised, is having to fill in our service sheets each time you come in – even just for an air fill. The thing is, we need these records to keep track of everything in the workshop, what timing of jobs is needed, details of the service to be performed and the like. It also has our terms of service on there for reading and signing – but lets face it – nobody seems to turn the page and sign that lol.

Another issue is delays…sometimes we can have 2-3 weeks worth of work in the workshop waiting its turn, then when yours is up we find we are out of stock of your particular service kit type! Eeek…theres a few more days wait coming up. By implementing this new system, we will enter into our new operational software what the requirements are for your specific gear once we receive the booking request – even if you haven’t dropped it in to us yet – so we can ensure we have the right kits in stock by the time your gear is on the table for service.

As you may have noticed, the workshop has been undergoing a facelift in the last few months – all with the ultimate aim of improved service to you by having better systems, and better workspaces. We are nearly there. We will do a post sharing some photos of the changes once completed.

Whats with the orange tags on your gear?

We have been using these for some time – all BCDs and Regs we have serviced get a tag with a number on it. We also record all serial numbers of the gear and the tanks we hydro. This is recorded on our service sheets along with the details of what your gear is. It identifies the gear as having been serviced by us at some point (and it would likely be removed by someone else servicing it, so most likely we were the ones who last serviced it if its still there).

Well, currently its a pretty manual system of recording this info against the tag number – and while we can pull out the details, it was a manual filing method. Our new system will track your specific equipment and tag number in our computer records, so rather than go hunting through paper files, we can pull up your record and see everything we have done/recommended be done to your gear from now on.

The benefit to you? When you fill in our booking service request form, if you have had the service done by us previously, you just need to enter your tag numbers and we can find out all we need to know about what gear it is, (we will drop you an email if we have any queries).

If you don’t have a tag, ie its the first time we have serviced it, or if you have changed your gear configuration since the last service so the tag info will be out of date,, then you will need to enter details of makes and models of your gear that first time. So…keep your tags on, and get your repeat servicing done with us.

Whats the new process?

We know there will be a few teething issues, and ask for your patience while we bed this in (and thanks to all those “guinea pigs” we have shoved a laptop in front of at the check in counter this week!).

Step 1

At home, before you come in – go to our online shop and purchase your service type(s) from the ‘Servicing” category which you can find here

Your web order number can then be entered on the next step. We will generate an invoice for a deposit payable based on average service fees as outlined in the webshop. Initially, if you prefer to just do step 2, no problem.

If we have sent you an email reminder re your next annual servicing, it will have a coupon code in it that can get you 5% off the service when booked and the deposit is paid by the date specified (even if it isn’t actually going to come in to us until that next month – we can gain efficiencies by knowing what is coming in the next month and stocking to suit, so this is our way of passing some of those efficiencies back to you)

So, for example, you get a reminder in Oct that your gear service is due in Nov. Book it in online by 31 Oct, stating you will bring it in Nov, pay the deposit by 31 Oct or within a few days of the order and you will qualify for the discount.

Note – we will have a laptop at the counter initially, and will soon have a tablet there so you can do this step when you get here if preferred but you will find it much easier on your own computer as it will likely pre-fill all the personal details for you

Step 2

Go to the home page and click on the ‘Our Services’ menu at the top – you will see a drop down with the ‘Service Request Booking Form”. Select that, and start filling it in. Or simply click here.

Fill in your personal details – hopefully it will pre-fill – enter the dates you will drop it in, and when you need it back and tick what services you require – tank fills/hydro/reg service/bcd service are the options.

Its also important (and a required field) to say if someone else will be collecting on your behalf. With our new staff, who don’t know you yet you will likely be asked for ID at collection – so we need to know if someone else can take your gear for you!

Depending on what you select, other fields will appear/disappear along with the relevant Ts&Cs. You will note for the Reg and BCD services for example that you are initially expected to enter all the Make and Model details – but if you have an orange tag for either of those – enter it in the relevant box and those fields will disappear. So, it should be pretty quick and easy for those who have used us before!

If ordering fills – consider purchasing your air fill card to get the discounted rate per fill (and even more discounted with coupon code “Fill-10” until 25 Oct 19). As long as it is paid before the fill is done, you can use the card for the fills you are booking in.

Hit the submit button when done – you should see a green pop-up box confirming it has been submitted – if not go back and check if you have missed any required fields (marked with a red asterisk)If paying by bank deposit – the account number is on the email confirmation you receive. If you want to pay on credit card, wait for the invoice to arrive that we will generate and click the ‘Pay Now’ button on that.

Step 3

Come on down on or before the date you specified to hold your place in the servicing queue. This is where it has that extra benefit that if you only have a small window of time you want to be without your gear, you can book it in with us in advance, for a specific date range and as long as you bring it in by the date specified (and that date isn’t tomorrow! – it needs to be reasonable) then we will do our darndest to get it done in that window for you.

Note – if you do not deliver your gear by the specified date, and/or have not paid your deposit, then it just goes into the queue from the day of arrival/payment.

Once we have checked your submitted request, we will email you with a job number – keep this email

What to do when you get here:

If no-one is out the front, press the buzzer once, wave and smile 🙂 Even if you can’t see them – they are smiling back and will know to finish up whatever they are doing to a stage the that they can easily pick up from when they return, and get ready to come out.

While you wait, you will find at the counter some tags in a box. Write your allocated job number, name and date on a tag – one for each piece of equipment, ie each BCD, each set of regs, each tank. Hey!, grab some extra tags to take home so you can get everything ready when at home for your next lot to drop in – useful if you have a few tanks wanting different mixes so you dont get confused having to tag them down at the workshop

For tanks, it will be helpful if you indicate on the tags what is to be done for that tank, examples: Hydro/Air ; Hydro EAN32 ; Fill /Air ; Fill EAN27 etc if you have more than one tank.

Once you have those ready, press the buzzer again and Paul or someone will come out to check your gear in.

There ya go…simples.

Even better – coming soon we will have a 24/7 secure dropzone so you can drop your gear in after hours when it suits you, making it even easier to get your gear serviced by OzAquatec! We know it can be difficult getting out to us in business hours so hopefully this helps.

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