If you are dropping the equipment in now for immediate servicing , please place your servicing order via our online shop then enter the web reference number. If you are simply booking it in now for servicing later, ie when due next month, you can simply fill in the form without the web order. We will raise the deposit invoice at the start of that month.
This helps us to schedule our workload. If you are booking early for servicing due next month please enter 1st of that next month or later so we hold off the work til then.
If you need this job turned around within the week, or even within a few days we may be able to arrange overtime hours to get it done - there will be an extra charge which we will discuss and agree with you before work commences.
Standard turnaround times vary depending on our workload. Usually around 2 weeks. If you let us know if needed for a specific trip, are booking it in well in advance, and deliver it by the date specified we will do our best to ensure we meet that deadline. So, for example you could book it in now and specify you will drop it in on 20th of next month, needing it back by 27th of that month. Having the details now, gives us a better chance of achieving that. If not required by a specific date, leave this field blank and we will do it in the normal order of scheduling - allow 2-3 weeks - we will be in touch if there are issues/delays
Please tick which items you have booked for servicing - further fields will then open up so we can ensure we have the right service kits in stock when your items arrive, and that our technician has the information from the last service if we did it
Please dont be offended if we ask you for ID - our new staff may not know you yet and we want to be sure we are giving it to the right person! As importantly - please let us know if someone else is collecting your gear for you - and remind them to have their own ID with them. Please enter 'No' if it will be you picking it up
If no known issues/requests, please enter 'None'
We are constantly striving to improve our service to you, our valued customers. Filling it in in advance of dropping the gear in should enable us to get your turnaround time reduced. BUT - how was it for you? 1* = a proper pain in the butt and cant see the benefit, 5* = it only made you fill in relevant info and wasn't too difficult to do.
Any ideas you have to improve this process will be appreciated!