Pressure Vessel Inspection Quote Request Form

Pressure Vessel Inspection Quote Request

Queensland Workplace Health and Safety legislation requires your pressure vessels such as air receivers and seperators, or autoclaves to inspected every two years with every fourth year being a full internal inspection.

To ensure no conflict of interest, the inspector should not be the same person as the one who a/ installed the vessel, or 2/ maintains the attached compressors/machinery.

Please provide the details of your vessels below and we can provide you a free no obligation quote to perform the inspection for you.

Note - if there are more than four vessels, particularly if no prior report is available, a quoting fee of $75 plus GST may be charged before the quote commences due to the quoting time required. This will be credited if the job proceeds - pro-rata to the number of vessels confirmed for inspection.
If you can provide a copy of the last inspection report we should get all the information we require to provide a quote from it. It can be uploaded to this form. If unable to provide the last inspection report, we will require further information to do the quote.
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Please attach a pdf of the last inspection report.
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If you can send a clear photo of the vessel it will assist in assessing its accessibility, number of port plugs, general condition etc - similar to the photos in the header of this form
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If available a photo of these will help determine what type of inspection will be required, and core vessel info