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Home Brewing, Aquariums and Paintball

We test and fill CO2 bottles here in the Ozaquatec workshop (any size over 2kgs).  We also test and fill HPA cylinders for Paintball guns.  If you are local to Brisbane we can fill your cylinders while you wait. For those a little further away, we accept deliveries of cylinders and can arrange for a test, fill and return to you.  Contact us to find out more.

As always, when it comes to CO2 use with caution and handle your tanks with the utmost care.  CO2 is an odourless gas that can be toxic in high concentrations.  Always make sure your CO2 cylinders are kept in cool locations and never left out in the sun for long periods.

We do not test or fill SodaStream CO2 bottles.

Cylinder Testing

Although it is a statutory requirement for CO2 and HPA cylinders to be hydrostatically tested every 10 years, for the safety of our technicians and our customers here at Ozaquatec we insist on testing cylinders every 5 years.  For SAME DAY cylinder testing, we need to be notified the day before and cylinders need to be delivered no later than 10am for an after 4pm pickup. Otherwise, testing has a 48hr turnaround time. Valve testing and replacement services also available.


Inspect your cylinder valve regularly to check it is not becoming loose from the bottle.  We can do valve tests and replacements in the Ozaquatec workshop if required.

Burst Disc

The burst disc on the valve of your cylinder is there as a safety precaution.  If the pressure in your cylinder becomes too high, the burst disc will blow allowing the CO2 to escape.  If your burst disc is showing any signs of leaking it must be replaced by a professional technician immediately.

CO2 Cylinders

Brand new CO2 Cylinders are now ready for sale. Contact us for more information.