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Taking care of your SCUBA equipment is especially important because it is life support equipment. Your regulator is the heart of the system and having your units serviced once a year means you can always count on the regulator being ready to go and working properly.  We pride ourselves on quality servicing and do not take any short cuts. All servicing is done one way only and that is the CORRECT WAY. Your unit is completely overhauled by a qualified TQS recognised technician to manufacturer’s specifications and only genuine parts are used.  Have your regulators serviced every year or every 40 dives, whichever comes first. You cannot assume that your regulator is in good working order just because it has received little use since the last time it was serviced. Prolonged or improper storage can result in internal corrosion and/or the deterioration of O-ring seals.  It’s also good to plan ahead. Most people only think about servicing their equipment a few days before going away diving and are often disappointed that it can’t be serviced in time. Keep this in mind as you make your plans, it’s also a good time to remember to have your SCUBA cylinder and valve tested at the same time.  If you have any queries on what you should do or require information on any SCUBA equipment servicing please feel free to Contact Us. We are only too happy to help.


Before servicing commences, our Ozaquatec technician checks in the BCD details including serials numbers, makes, models as well as customers preferences and/or concerns. Bench test are conducted to evaluate condition of entire unit including inflation, deflation and OPVs operations. Log findings of initial inspection onto report. Disassembly, cleaning and inspection of all components for wear. Replacement of annually serviced parts recommended by the manufacturer. Reassembly and adjustment in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Final bench test – inflating, deflating and checking of OPVs to manufacturer’s specifications. A secondary check is done by another Technician who does a bench test as well as the water test. The unit is completely submerged under water to test for any fine leaks over the entire unit.
Unit is dried and left overnight for overnight (24hours) leak test. A third and final test and inspection is performed by the customer with aid of the technician to check performance of BCD is to the customers satisfaction.

Air Fills

Ozaquatec has the largest storage of air available in Brisbane totalling over 250,000 litres. Our air is nitrox quality which runs through a five way filtration system to ensure we provide you with the best quality air you can breathe. The purity of our air is tested every 3 months to Australian Standards. Feel free to look over our most recent Air Quality Test for your peace of mind. We are able to fill 1 to 20 cylinders at any one time of both air and nitrox with either din or yoke fillings. When using partial pressure blends in your tanks you must have your tanks hydrostatically tested and both the tank and valve O2 cleaned every 12 months. Air Fills are $15 each and Air Fill cards are available upon request.

Nitrox Fills

We have 30,000 litres of stored 32% Nitrox ready for filling. This is as easy and as quick as an air fill. PLEASE NOTE: As always you need to produce the relevant diving certification card to obtain Air, Nitrox, Trimix and Oxygen fills.  For the cost of both your yearly tank and valve O2 clean you can have a 5 Fill Nitrox Card for the same value. That’s at least five extra dives every year.  Switch to the new Nitrox Membrane System for the added bonus of less cost and longer dive times.

Air and Quality Tests

As a diver it is your right to demand quality air. The last thing you want to be concerned about when diving is the quality of the air you are breathing. At Ozaquatec our fill station meets all Australian Standards and the purity of our air is checked every 3 months. We have a state of the art system that runs through a five-way filtration system. Our Air Quality Test Reports are proudly displayed on the wall at our fill station. Please view out current Air Quality Test for Compressor #1 and Compressor #2. These test results are quantified by both the Senior and Secondary Technicians to ensure integrity of results.  Air Quality Tests are carried out to Australian Standard AS2299.1. Testing is done with a combination of both test tubes and gas analysers.  At Ozaquatec you know you can BREATHE EASY……..