XDeep EX1 Fins


Because…agility needs power, power needs control and accuracy needs to be delivered with efficiency.

The EX1 fins careful blade design both increases power and maneuverability and are made from an advanced material compound which is consistently high performing in cold or warm temperatures unlike traditional rubber which can harden or soften.  The vented design decreases drag on the up stroke and increases thrust on the down stroke by channelling water to flow through the vents between the foot pocket and the blade.  There are no joints or hinges to tear or crack so you get a super tough fin that you can really put through its paces.

EX1 Fins are shorter and slightly wider (24.5cm) than most rubber jet fins, designed for precise position control, maneuverability and power transmission through the full length of the blade. This is ideal for wreck and cave divers, photographers and all tec divers where both power and precision are important. Vents between the foot pocket and the blade reduce effort on the downwards stroke and improve efficiency, reducing effort and fatigue.

The EX1 fins are made from a modern techno-polymer chosen for superior performance compared to traditional rubber. The compound is also less succeptible to changes in stiffness and performance in warm versus cold water. The fins also feature the convenience of steel spring straps. This is a high quality product, made to last for years. Refer to the XDEEP website for more details.

So…what are your options?

Colour: Black only


  • Large – 42-44 (8-10)
  • XLarge 45-46 (11-12)

Balance the additional control from a stiffer fin against the power of a softer more flexible blade delivers. Having three different stiffness levels means you can choose a fin for your exact needs

SOFT: reduced finning effort so you can fin for longer without tiring, sacrificing a little efficiency

MEDIUM: this is the standard stiffness rating comparable to most fins.  Perhaps nirvana for most divers being firm enough for efficiency to move you through the water without tiring.

HARD: the harder material is made for efficient transfer of energy for any fin kick from frog kicks to back finning.

Selecting your fin size. The size of fin that you need will depend on the size of the dive boots or dry suit boots that you’re wearing, including sole thickness. The following table lists the internal width and height of the fin pocket across the ball of the foot and the opening. Being rubber, the foot pocket will shape around your boot, so these measurements are approximate figures only. The critical measurement is the Width (at ball) – measure the maximum width of your dive boot sole and select the fin size with the same or larger Width (at ball) in the table, then check that the other dimensions are ‘about right’.

XDeep Jet Fin Size Table
(at ball)
(at ball)
(boot sole)
18 cm 10.5 cm 5.0 cm 11.5 cm 10 cm 6.5 cm
19 cm 11.5 cm 5.0 cm 12.5 cm 11 cm 6.5 cm

Please select the correct size fin. Incorrectly fitting fins, which have not been used, may be exchanged but do not qualify for free return shipping. These fins weigh 2.6 – 2.8 kg and, due to the high dimensional weight for shipping, the cost to return these could be relatively high; we’d much prefer that you select the right fins the first time!

Additional information

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Hard, Soft, Medium


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