XDeep Stealth Slideable D-Rings


XDeep Stealth 2.0 Sidemount Slideable D-Rings (Pair)

These stainless steel slideable D-rings allow the diver to adjust the position of the D-ring whilst under water. For example, to adjust the position of a sidemount tank to maintain a streamlined profile (when the base of an aluminium tank begins to float) or to re-position a stage tank.

Repositioning a D-ring, underwater, is usually not practical with a normal D-ring and tri-glide. These D-rings overcome that limitation.

Designed to work with the Stealth 2.0 sidemount system, the slideable D-ring is a metal alternative to the large rubber rings that come with the Stealth. These are suitable for use with standard 50mm (2′) webbing with a thickness of around 2mm (sliding is more difficult on stiffer and thicker webbing).

Sold in pairs.


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