XDeep NX Series Bolt Snap - Single Ended - Stainless Steel


Single-Ended Bolt Snap

Bolt snap / dog clip / snap clip made from high-quality, marine grade #316 stainless steel.

Use a cord, rope or bungee tied through the eye to then attach “just about anything” to a D-ring.  Keep a couple spare in your tool kit, they always come in handy.

A common reason for a missed clip is that the gate is hard to fully open on traditional bolt snaps. The NX trigger is large, smooth and easy to operate making a full opening simple.  At the same time the NX SERIES has significant anti entanglement properties. Smaller triggers often have a hook that line can easily catch in, the NX SERIES trigger shrugs off line traps without fuss.  The finger support provides stability and control, increasing the accuracy of the clip.

100% AISI316 Stainless Steel

Materials technology is a critical component in the NX Series,it both facilitates and enahnces the design elements.  In the NX bolt snaps not just the clip, but the spring, gate and all parts of the NX Series are made from the highest quality AISI316 stainless steel.  AISI316 marine-grade steel is utilized for its anti-corrosion properties with its increased nickel and molybdenum content.


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