XDeep NX Series Bolt Snap - Double Ended - Stainless Steel


NX Series Double Ended Boltsnap

boltsnap designed especially for single-handed operation, even when wearing gloves – another great innovation by xDEEP!

A good double ender is one of the most useful and versatile clips around. The NX SERIES is an excellent double ender.

Utilised on jump or SMB spools, as clips for sidemount pouches, securing backups in the drysuit pocket or simply as a working double ender on the right D ring, it performs flawlessly.

Materials technology is a critical component in the NX SERIES, it both facilitates and enhances the design elements. In the NX bolt snaps not just the clip, but the spring, gate and all parts of the NX SERIES are made from the highest quality AISI 316 stainless steel. The AISI 316 marine-grade steel is utilized for its anti-corrosion properties with its increased nickel and added molybdenum content.


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