XDeep Standard Cargo Pouch


Pouch for sidemount and Technical Diving

A heavy duty two section diving pouch – can be used in all forms of diving. The pouch can be clipped to a BCD, harness or buttplate with the double ended bolt snap supplied with the pouch.

Made from tough Cordura.  Heavy duty YKK zippers for each section have thick teeth for easy use underwater and resistance to salt build up.


  • dimensions: 250mm x 170mm x 15mm thick.
  • single point attachment, usually clipped to the rear crotch strap D-ring in sidemount.
  • 90mm double ended bolt snap.
  • 1m of 3mm bungee to a line to ensure that you don’t drop and lose anything from your pouch.
  • two sections:
    • main (large) section can hold many accessories including slate, wetnotes, tools, backup torch, cookies, spool, spare bungee, etc.
    • small front section has a clear window to the front so that you (or your buddy) can see if a torch has turned on under pressure.
  • both sections have a ring inside to secure items to so they don’t fall out.
  • both sections have 2 x drain holes.

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