XDeep Stealth 2.0 Classic - Full Set


XDeep Stealth 2.0 Classic Full Set

The Stealth 2.0 Classic is the revolutionary, modular sidemount system that has become the silent hero of cave exploration and first choice for many of the world’s cave explorers. Made in Europe from the best materials and designed for reliability, it’s CE certified – of course. Read the Stealth 2.0 Classic story from XDeep. For a summary of features, read on:

We’ve used the XDeep Stealth for technical diving, and it’s also versatile enough for recreational dives with one tank or two. The Stealth offers amazing freedom of movement, optimal streamlining and the harness (once sized to your individual shape) is very comfortable and secure. As a modular system the Stealth 2.0 comprises three main parts: the harness, CWP and wing.

Stealth 2.0 Harness. Each section of the harness can be adjusted to your exact needs, including the back length, to ensure a perfect fit. The harness includes:

  • 1 x webbing harness with independent upper an lower nodes
  • 5 x adjusting plates
  • 2 x bent D-rings (heavy duty)
  • 2 x straight D-rings (heavy duty)
  • 2 x serrated tri-glides
  • 7 x smooth tri-glides
  • 2 x square cylinder mounting points
  • 4 x rubber o-rings (for waist band)
  • 1 x central weight pocket mounting bracket (for position adjustment)
  • 5 x rubber webbing holders
  • 1 x heavy duty stainless steel buckle
  • 1 x bungee chord length (10m)
  • 1 x light canister mount
  • 2 x single ended bolt snaps (80mm) for connecting the wing.

Central Weight Pocket (CWP). Correct distribution of weight is essential for ideal trim, particularly in a dry suit and thick undergarments. The innovative Stealth 2.0 weight system solves the problem completely with its adjustable CWP, in a choice of sizes, and the possibility to add trim pockets and XDeep’s dumpable weight pockets if needed. A large CWP will hold up to 12kg of lead; increasing to a total of 16kg (39.7lb) with large trim pockets or 30kg (66lb) with large trim and dumpable weight pockets.

The Stealth 2.0 is offered with two CWP sizes (a smaller CWP is available as a special order) – medium (6kg) and large (12kg). The medium size is suitable for many applications in wet suits and dry suits when using steel cylinders. If using a more buoyant dry suit (e.g. tri-laminated with thick undergarments) and aluminium cylinders, then the large CWP is likely to be your best bet.

Choose the Central Weight Pocket size from the drop down list above:

  • Small – 3kg (2 x 1.5kg) –Shorter Pocket
  • Medium – 6kg (4 x 1.5kg) – Standard Pocket
  • Wide -10kg (4 x 2.5kg) – Wider Pocket
  • Double – 12kg (8 x 1.5kg) – Double the Depth Pocket

Stealth 2.0 Classic Wing (Buoyancy Compensator). Designed for cave diving, the wing has a double-layer structure with an outer shell and inner bladder.  The outer shell is made of Cordura 1100 dTEX to provide the highest level of safety for wreck and cave diving. The inner bladder is made from welded Nylon 440 dTEX. The wing has a unique anatomical shape and hugs the diver’s body to give an almost unbelievable level of streamlining, no matter how full it is, while providing up to 16kg of lift.

Stealth 2.0 Classi Wing / bouyancy compensator includes:

  • 1 x Stealth 2.0 wing
  • 1 x full inflator system
  • 1 x Dump / Over Pressure Relief Valve (OPRV) that can be accessed by either the left or the right hand

The Stealth 2.0 complete system also includes a User Manual to assist with setup and adjustment.

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