XDeep NX GHOST Deluxe Travel Full Set


The XDeep NX GHOST DeluxeTravel icludes standard GHOST features and the XDeep NX Series Adjustable Harness.  It is a truly innovative answer for travelling adventurers, produced in Europe, with the finest materials sourced from Germany and the USA, its advanced design is complemented by XDeep’s attention to detail.  The deluxe model has a few enhanced features.

For single tank, recreational diving, it is truly the next generation of BCDs.  Wing systems for recreational diving have a reputation for pushing your face down at the surface, not the GHOST.  The upper part of the wing is intentionally smaller than other single cylinder wings to prevent you from being pushed forwards.  The GHOST maximises its small size and provides significant lift of over 17litres of buoyancy.  The design ensures that just about all of the BCD lift is kept underwater when you are upright at the surface.

The ability to streamline the diver’s body and equipment in the water has significant advantages.  Low drag reduces the effort needed to move through the water.  The less effort, the better our gas consumption and the more time we get on our underwater adventure.

The GHOST was designed to be completely streamlined, staying tight to the divers body and cylinder.  Effort is reduced, enjoyment of the dive is enhanced.

Single tank adaptor simplicity, improved. Cylinder mounting straps can be moved quickly and easily as a result of the NX Series design.  Setting up for a dive and ensuring a customised and personalised system has never been more straightforward.

The NX Ultralight QR harness provides freedom, comfort and security.  It is also very easy to don and doff.  XDeep have increased the length between the shoulder straps and anchoring points by 20% making the harness easier to put on.  Buckling the harness waistbelt and pulling tight also pulls the shoulder straps down snug to the body – and in the deluxe model it comes with quick unfastening of the shoulder straps using the ITW NX QR buckles, PLUS it has the 3D mesh shoulder strap padding.  Close the waist buckle and you are in a perfectly fitted system.  The NX series harness uses XDeeps innovative 3D mesh for padding.  It ensures safety and comfort as the padding helps mould the system to your body and prevents the BCD sliding around on your back during the  dive.  Critically, there is no compression of the 3D mesh and therefore no change in its buoyancy at depth.  The harness has a new V-Shaped crotch strap which is more comfortable, eliminating the often uncomfortable single strap by spreading the load in and out of the water. and stopping any movement of the system to the side and achieving security and stability.

The NX Series V-Strap also has 2 rear D-Rings set off to each side.  This allows easier access to clipped off equipment such as reels and bags etc, in contract to the traditional centre single D-ring which is often difficult to reach.

Harness Sizing available:

GHOST Small – suitable for divers less than 175cm tall

GHOST Large – suitable for divers from 175cm and taller

Perfect Weight Distribution: the NX Series harness design provides significant advantages in trim and balance by moving the weight up the body, off the hips and keeping them closer to the cylinder.  The modular weight system in the NX series means you can confine your weight belt to history.  Tailor your weight distribution to the diving you are doing.  From a couple of kilos needed for warm water diving to the extra lead needed in cold water diving – simply select the pockets to suit your needs.

Weight Pockets available:

Droppable Weight Pockets – Medium (2 x 3kg) / XLarge (2 x 6kg)

Trimming Weight Pockets – Small (2 x 2kg) / Large (2 x 3kg)

Select the right sizing configuration for you from the options dropdown when ordering.

Whats it made of?

The backplate and adaptor are made from aerospace grade aluminium and magnesium alloy. Derived from aviation use, this alloy provides rigidity and structure, is tough and hard wearing and is very, very light.  Having saved weight in other areas, they have ensured safety and function by fitting full spec 6mm D-rings rather than plastic alternatives.

The toughness of a double shell wing, in a single shell design. The very solid and abrasion resistant fabric, Cordura 1100dtex, is made in Germany and used in all of XDeeps BCs and it has an antibacterial coating which is a safe, special agent preventing the development of bacteria and fungi which coats the inner of the shell.  The bladder has a thick polymer coating providing significant resistance to punctures.  The fast drying materials ensure a quick and lightweight carry home.

And the weight of this BC?  Even with the comfort enhancements over the standard model, its just 2.4kg without the pockets so its great for travel.

When asked for a review on his GHOST, one of our regulars in response to the question “is it a ‘I love it’ situation, or a ‘I like it’ situation”, responded “Yes, its definitely love xxx”

The GHOST Lightweight BCD full set contains:

  • Lightweight NX GHOST Deluxe BC system (fully assembled with K-type inflator, NX Series Ultralight QR Harness with ITW Nexus QR buckles for adjustment and 3D mesh for comfort shoulder straps), weight pockets (if selected in the options)
  • LP Inflator hose
  • Cam bands (2 pcs)
  • User manual

You can find the XDeep GHOST Users manual here for more details



Additional information

Weight 2.4 kg


Pocket Size

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