XDeep ZEN Deluxe Set


More detailed info will be loaded shortly, but in the interim here is a link to the ZEN user manual and you can review the information on the manufacturers site here

This is a single tank wing system, capable of taking a tank up to 18L.

The key enhancements in this deluxe model over the standard version are:

Addition of comfort padding in the shoulder straps – XDeep 3D Mesh padding

Has the NX Series QR harness which has the quick release buckles at the shoulders and QR harness adjustment rather than the tri-glides in the standard harness

This wing and backplate system is versatile – you can easily purchase separately a twin tank wing such as the XDeep PROJECT and put that on this harness and backplate in a matter of minutes.  (Ideally stick to a wing from the XDeep range so the bolts in backplate are in matching positions.

Backplate Options

Aluminium or Stainless Steel – about 2.1kg weight differential between the two, the aluminium plate being more travel friendly.

Weight Pocket Options – choose from

No pockets

Medium pockets  – 2 x 3kg

XL pockets – 2 x 6kg

Trim Weight Pockets – can be purchased separately

Medium – 2 x 1.5kg

Large – 2 x 3kg

Your weighting and pocket options will differ depending on what your intended diving, and dive gear configuration will be – ie which backplate, and whether in a wetsuit – thick or thin, or drysuit – possibly with thick undergarments,  and it may be that trim weights are a required option for optimal trim in the water.

Additional information

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Pocket Size

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