XDeep Zeos Wing - 28lbs or 38lbs


XDeep ZEOS wings have compact dimensions for their volume, fitting neatly around a single scuba tank to improve performance. A more compact wing means less drag in the water, which reduces diver effort and use of air, especially when diving in a current.

Unlike many recreational BCD designs which only have a single ‘skin’, the Zeos wing features the same rugged double layer construction as other xDeep technical diving wings such as the Hydros and Stealth BCDs which are used for wreck and cave diving – it’s rare to find such good quality and robustness in a sport diving BCD.

The ZEOS 28 wing:

  –  has a 13kg (28lb) lift capacity.

–  is suited to a wide range of diving conditions for warm water holidays to cooler water (i.e. wetsuits and drysuits) and by persons of slight to medium build.

–  comes with full inflator and inflator hose.

–  maximum tank lift of 1 x 15 litre tank.

The ZEOS 38 wing:

  –  as a 17kg (38lb) lift capacity is equally as effective and stylish as the ZEOS 28 but has a greater lift capacity.

–  with similar lift capacity to many twin systems (but disgned to fit around a single tank) the Zeos 38 wing is suitable for larger steel cylinders and drysuit diving where divers get the most variation in weigth and buoyancy characterisitcs (i.e. due to change in weight as air is used and drysuit crush at depth).

–  comes with full inflator and inflator hose.

  –  maximum tank lift of 1 x 18 litre tank.

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