XDeep HYDROS 40/50 Set


The XDeep HYDROS is a high quality European backplate, harness and wing system; the perfect technical diving buoyancy compensator. The HYDROS matches the rugged simplicity of a DIR-style harness and backplate with an advanced wing structure featuring optimal geometry.

Select from the HYDROS 40 (18L/40lb) wing or the HYDROS 50 (22L/50lb) wing, with an Aluminium Backplate or Stainless Steel Backplate and Simple Harness.

The XDeep HYDROS wing is simply excellent. It’s narrower across the top, which gives the diver problem-free access to the manifold and tank valves plus better hose routing options. The shape of the wing is proportioned through the side and lower sections to help attain a better horizontal trim position when compared to more traditional wing shapes (those with similar thickness bladder all the way around). It’s modern sculptured design is also more streamlined than many traditional round and horse-shoe wings. As a bonus, this optimal shaping for trim also provides a higher upright position on the surface.

With the HYDROS you really do get the benefits of great design. The HYDROS wing is also made with only the best quality materials, including a very strong outer shell fabricated from genuine German-made Cordura© 1100dTEX. The inner bladder is made from a tough Nylon 440dTEX material with anit-bacterial coating.

There is more information about the design and construction of the wing on the HYDROS wing product page.

XDeep backplates are designed and built for comfort and strength. The Hydros 40 is available with either an aluminium  or stainless steel backplate.  Slots are positioned to ensure maximum comfort for the diver and the stability of the mounted cylinders. With the optimal angle of slots and precisely bevelled edges the total surface of the webbing is used, which reduces wear along the edges and prolongs the life of the webbing. The backplate has plenty of slots and holes to enable you to mount any element of dive gear you need, as well as an optional 3D mesh back pad and shoulder pads, for your comfort.

The HYDROS 40/50 includes:

  • Simple DIR harness with medium / stiff webbing
  • 7 x smooth tri-glides,
  • 5 x 6mm flat D-rings,
  • crotch strap,
  • rubber ring (to hold inflator hose in place),
  • stainless steel buckle.
  • Aluminium 3mm Backplate or
  • Stainless Steel 3mm Backplate
  • Hydros 40lb (18L) or Hydros 50lb (22L) wing with inflator system and LP hose.

The HYDROS 40/50 comes fully assembled with a XDeep backplate  – choose your type. You can also add the comfort harness which includes the special 3D mesh pad system.

Add XDeep comfort harness (3D mesh system), dumpable weight pockets (Weight – medium) and trim pockets (Trim) as necessary.

For more information please refer to the User Manual.

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