XDeep HYDROS Wing 40lbs/50lbs


HYDROS 40 Wing

The buoyancy of the HYDROS 40 wing totals 18 kg (about 40lbs).  The HYDROS 40 is narrow than various 40 lb wings from other manufacturers, which makes it ideal for a 2×7 twinset where other wider wings fail to perform well.   HYDROS 40 model is also good for a 2×12 twinset for ambitious recreational dives.  (Suggested maximum for the HYDROS 40 is 2 x 15 litre tanks)

HYDROS 50 Wing

The buoyancy of the HYDROS 50 wing totals 23 kg (about 50 lbs), making it perfect for diving with a 2×12 twinset and providing a sufficient reserve of buoyancy for a stage tank.   The HYDROS 50 is a perfect wing for ambitious technical dives and will also work well for advanced recreational dives.  (Suggested maximum for the HYDROS 50 is 2 x 18 litre tanks)

HYDROS wing design and construction

Better trim and greater stability

HYDROS wing has been designed and built in such a way that its centre of buoyancy is placed on exactly the same level as the gravity centre of gas in the cylinder.  Accordingly, the trim does not change during the entire dive and remains the same with full and empty cylinders.

The geometry of HYDROS, especially the contour of the wing, provides significant righting moment, which makes it a lot easier to reach and maintain the correct horizontal position.

Easy access to valves

To make access to the valves easier, xDeep have massively reduced the dead zone in the upper part of the bladder to a minimum. As a result, there is no “loose cloth” effect that otherwise makes access to valves difficult while doing a V-Drill (or in an actual emergency shutdown).

The reduced bladder volume just below the first stage regulators also makes guiding hoses much easier and the inflator head does not need to be lifted as high as other designs in order to release air.

High surface position

In the HYDROS, xDeep reduced the part of the wing that sticks out above the water while the diver is surfaced.  Therefore, a significant part of the wing’s displacement is used to keep the diver surfaced, rather than having a larger ineffective area positioned above the waterline.  You can feel the difference when surfaced in high wave conditions, especially if you have full stage cylinders.

Super-resistant Cordura®

The outer shell of the HYDROS model is made of highly durable Cordura® 1100 dTEX produced in Germany.  For safety reasons, no one needs to be convinced that you need a very durable outer shell for wreck diving.

Cordura® fabric is definitely more abrasion-resistant than other materials. Compared to other wings made of less expensive materials, the HYDROS is not only stronger but it stays looking NEW for longer.

Anti-bacterial coating

Moisture inside the wing is an ideal place for bacteria to grow, including the pathogenic ones. You know perfectly that sinus trouble can force you to refrain from diving for many weeks.  In order to reduce that risk, the inner bladder of HYDROS wing contains antibiotic agent preventing the development of bacteria.

Wing includes:

·         Hydros 40lb or 50lb wing

·         Full power inflator

·         LP inflator hose

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