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In XDeep’s pursuit of excellence (including three years of development and thousand’s of hours testing) the NX Project now takes the traditional backplate and wing system to a whole new level. Technically inspired and engineered for perfection, the NX Project BC system has both obvious and subtle design features. Here’s a short summary. by DeepDiveGear.com

Back plate – 2 Options Available- Aluminium or Stainless Steel

You can choose from either laser cut aircraft grade aluminium  or laser cut stainless steel , either way both have the functionality to match their stunning looks. Wider at the shoulders and at the base, the NX Series back plate (used for both the Project and single-tank Zen) spreads the weight more evenly thus providing greater stability and comfort than traditional systems. This design also provides more effective options for mounting stage tanks, accessories and for connecting optional XDeep weight pockets.

To provide the best diving experience, the NX Project backplate comes in two sizes: medium for divers under 175cm tall, and large for divers 175cm and taller. Please select your size from the drop down list.


All NX Series wings are equipped with the revolutionary centre adapter, connecting the inflator to the bladder. This is a welded solution eliminates failure points and represents a huge breakthrough. This design allows for a tighter and smaller top wing with even filling and more effective air release than a traditional connector. Importantly for technical divers, this opens up space for valves and hoses, giving the added safety of clear access to valves for shutdowns. The shape also provides better balance and trim.

The design of the wing minimizes the dead zones found in classic wing shapes, giving the Project the equivalent lift of a larger wing but with a smaller, narrower profile and more streamlined shape. The Project is ideal for technical diving with multiple stages, and has a lift capacity of 23kg (52lbs).


The NX PROJECT harness has the security of a classic one piece harness with full adjustability. The back plate – harness interface is a new design that allows the shoulder straps to be 20% longer, making kitting up and removal much easier. The waist band, going over the top, tensions the shoulder straps for a perfect fit.

The harness can also be fitted with XDeep shoulder pads for added comfort.

The ‘V’ shaped crotch strap increases diver comfort and also increases the stability of the whole BC system. Plus it provides two ‘cargo’ D-rings as easy to reach clip-off points.

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For more information visit the XDEEP website (Europe), the NX Series FaceBook page or review the NX Project Manual.

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