Tecline R2 TEC2 Oxygen Set


R2 TEC2 O2 regulator set by Tecline has excellent specifications, performing well in both laboratory testing and real world diving conditions.  This R2 TEC2 O2 Set is ready for Nitrox mixes of up to 100% O2, perfect for for extended decompression times using a high Oxygen concentration, where performance is needed.

The R2 TEC2 O2 Set includes:

  • 1 x R2 TEC first stage
  • 1 x TEC2 second stage
  • 1 x 1m Proflex hose (green)
  • padded regulator bag (green)
  • user manual

The R2 TEC first stage regulator features a balanced diaphragm design with a dry chamber to prevent freezing in cold / icy conditions. The R2 TEC first stage has 2 HP ports on either side of the 300 bar DIN fitting. 4 LP ports are located on a rotating turret.  This is ideal for stage / deco tanks as hoses can be stored neatly, then with the rotation of the turret the hose can be deployed to maximum length.

The TEC2 second stage regulator is a pneumatically balanced second stage scuba regulator with an innovative, compact design for better breathing performance, with both Venturi effect and breathing resistance adjustments.

EN 250: 2014 certified, these regulators meet the world’s highest quality rating for scuba regulators. Each regulator has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from Tecline / SCUBATECH for the first owner (subject to correct care and servicing, details included in the manual).

We here at OzAquatec are authorised service technicians for the Scubatech/Tecline range so all your servicing needs are covered.

Note – if you need your item in a hurry, please contact us before finalising your order to check it is in stock – as some items may take up to 5-7 days to reach you


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