Tecline DIR Set R5 TEC2 plus SPG


The DIR SET R5 TEC2 + SPG Regulator Set from Tecline is a complete set of twin set regulators for technical diving. Overall this DIR Set offers excellent levels of performance and quality for a great price.

Each DIR SET R5 TEC2 + SPG regulator set includes:

  • 2 x R5 TEC first stage regulators, black finish
  • 2 x TEC2 second stage regulators
  • LP hose, 61 cm
  • LP hose, 210 cm
  • 1 x SPG on HP hose, 61cm
  • regulator necklace
  • 2 x SS bolt snaps
  • 1 x padded regulator bag

The DIR SET R5 TEC2 + SPG regulator set is suitable for Nitrox EAN40 out of the box.

R5 TEC first stage regulators have 2 LP ports and 1 HP port positioned on each of two opposing sides. This versatile configuration allows hoses to be routed down each side of the wing when diving with twin sets, or crossed over if required.  It features a balanced diaphragm with a dry chamber to prevent freezing in extreme cold conditions, which is also preferable for diving in heavily silted water.


  • balanced diaphragm design
  • additional dry chamber: cold kit
  • 4 LP ports, 2 HP port
  • maximum operating pressure 300 bar
  • intermediate pressure: 9.5 bar
  • material: maritime bronze
  • weight: 720g

TEC2 second stage regulators are a pneumatically balanced regulators with Venturi effect and breathing resistance adjustments. A heat exchanger allows operation in cold water by dramatically reducing the risk of icing. The TEC2 features a stainless steel guard and reduced size purge for diving in strong current and other extreme conditions.


  • Direct flow system (DFS)
  • Pneumatically balanced
  • Venturi effect flow adjustment
  • Breathing resistance adjustment
  • Stainless steel outer ring and front guard
  • Heat exchanger for cold water diving
  • ergonomic mouth piece to reduce jaw fatigue
  • Suitable for Nitrox EAN40 out of the box
  • Black purge cover
  • Heat exchange / radiator
  • Material: polyamide
  • Weight: 260g

This set of technical diving regulators is intended for use with a manifold system and has a single SPG. If you dive with independent twins or want further redundancy, add a second SPG on a hose and a bolt snap.

SPG Specifications:

  • Scubatech 300 bar SPG
  • 52mm white face
  • 61cm Proflex HP hose

EN 250: 2014 CE certified, these regulators meet the world’s highest quality rating for scuba regulators. Each regulator has a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty from Tecline / SCUBATECH for the first owner (subject to correct care and servicing, details included in the manual).

We here at OzAquatec are authorised service technicians for the Scubatech/Tecline range so all your servicing needs are covered.

Note – if you need your item in a hurry please contact us before finalising your order to ensure it is in stock, as sometimes it may take 5-7 days to get to you


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