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Need Nitrox?  Ozaquatec SCUBA Service Centre can take care of all your Nitrox needs.  Our air is nitrox quality which runs through a five way filtration system to ensure we provide you with the best quality air you can breathe. The purity of our air is tested every 3 months to Australian Standards. Feel free to look over our most recent Air Quality Test for your peace of mind.

Our Nitrox membrane system allows the filling of nitrox tanks at the same rate as the filling of standard air tanks. .The system produces any blend of nitrox from 21% to 40% oxygen.

We are able to fill 1 to 20 cylinders at any one time of both air and nitrox with either din or yoke fillings.

Nitrox fill prices vary dependant on your requirement.

Need more than one Nitrox fill?  Purchase an Nitrox Fill Card and save $. For the cost of both your yearly tank and valve O2 clean you can have a 5 Fill Nitrox Card for the same value. That’s at least five extra dives every year.  Switch to the new Nitrox Membrane System for the added bonus of less cost and longer dive times.

Do we have your Dive Cert Card on file?  If not remember we need to sight your card to provide you with a fill.

Pay Online and then fill in the Service Request Booking Form to save yourself even more time. Book, drop and go its that easy.

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