As an integral part of your life support system underwater, your regulators should be serviced annually to ensure they stay in tip top working order.  You can find out more about scuba servicing here

Here at OzAquatec we take pride in methodically servicing your regulators to the manufacturers specifications, using only the brand specific manufacturers service kits.  We stand by our work and offer a 12 month warranty on our service, and all regulators are serviced with consumables that are up to EAN40% compatible.

How to book your service online:

Please note, the online service amount is set to the average cost of a regulator service.  Your specific regs will possibly have a different cost depending on the brand and model, and whether any interior parts that are not included in the standard service kit are needing replacing.  We will be in touch to inform you of any issues.  In order to make it an easy select option, we have set the service booking amount at $290 – allowing $140 for the labour component and $150 for the brand specific service kits (assuming two regs – primary and octo).

Once the service is completed we will create the invoice for the actual cost based on your specific brand’s labour time and kits, and deduct the amount prepaid.  (If you have ordered your service while a special is running, the appropriate % discounts will be applied to the final amounts), so you may just have a small balance to pay on pick up.  Of course, if there is a major problem with internal parts that will incur a higher fee than just the variation between service kit costs, we will be in touch before proceeding further.

Once purchased, your regs are in the queue for servicing and will hold that place as long as they are delivered to us within 2 working days.  Any queries, you can of course send us a message of give us a call

Please also fill in our online Service Booking Request form which gives us details such as when they will be dropped in/required by etc



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