Social Distancing Area at OzAquatec!

Social Distancing Area at OzAquatec!

Okay, admittedly that’s not exactly true, its just our refreshed waiting area/BBQ area, but with all the COVID-19 stuff going down, and the need for everyone to practice social distancing, we decided it was time to get our front area finally sorted with more seating and shade as when that sun is at full blast it can be pretty uncomfortable standing waiting out there!

There has been some cracker weather for diving this weekend (finally!) and as there will be a few of you coming in for tank fills this week, we thought it was a good time to show you the new “front of house’ at OzAquatec, while also mentioning some ways to keep everyone safe.

Thursday was a big day! As any prior visitors would know the front of the workshop had several gorgeous succulent plants – all propagated from cuttings by Paul over the years – and a shade sail over the front of the counter that was pretty ineffective most of the day. Well, we bought some recycled drums a while back, and a electrical cable wooden reel, plus we scored some seats made by one of the neighbours that he was going to dump that were the perfect height for the cable reel table so it was a matter of putting all this recycled and repurposed stuff together.

The ‘front of house’ area started the day fairly bland and was an absolute hot spot under full sun. Paul and the team spent the day propagating and re-potting, then moving things around. installing the new shade sails and umbrella stands.

With the help of some of our regulars to the Thursday night BBQ, we split and re-potted the succulents, moved the table into position, put up new shade sails and sun umbrellas and we now have a great space for you to relax in – choose in the sun or in the shade, while you wait for your tanks to be filled. Yes, you can get the tanks filled while you wait – just let us know when you plan to come in so we can be sure someone is available – best time is 10am-2pm daily, or on our Thursday late night from 5pm to 7pm.

We are pretty happy with our zen new space, but its not quite finished – soon the water cooler will be out there for you (in the meantime if you want a water bottle top up just ask), along with power and USB plugs so you can recharge devices/watch Netflix/deal with emails/read a dive mag or just chill while you wait. Many many thanks to Adrian Elliott, Ross Greenwood and Brett McIntyre for your help on Thursday!!

Ways you can help keep the COVID-19 spread risk low here at Ozaquatec..

We are still ‘business as usual’ here at OzAquatec for the time being. Staff are all well, and are usually distanced from each other working in different areas anyway. We will of course follow the issued guidelines from the health authorities but we consider ourselves and our premises fairly low risk for a number of reasons – including the fact we are not your typical dive store in that there is only one small area that you as customers generally spend any time – the front counter – you will be the required 1.5mtrs from us when there anyway, and you are generally not there very long (and we will give it a wipe over when you leave).

You will know from experience that when you come to drop in your gear for servicing, or to view items in the showroom, it is not often you are here at the same time as another customer. You are best to book your time to come view the showroom so that we can make ourselves available to assist you, and when dropping in your gear, having filled in the online booking form in advance it is literally a case of ‘dump and run” so you are only here a few minutes.

Here are some simple things we would ask you to do for the foreseeable future:

  • While we have a computer at the counter to fill in the booking request if you hadn’t done it pre-arrival, given the virus can stay on hard surfaces, if you have your own device like a smart phone or ipad, please do the booking on your device. If you cant do that, then use our laptop – after first using the provided hand sanitiser and wiping the keyboard with one of the cleansing wipes provided
  • Ideally, always try to have the service booking form done the day before you come – that way we can have the gear tags and paperwork ready to go on arrival and we can tag it up and you are away in just a minute or so. You can find the service booking form here.
  • If you arrive and we are already dealing with someone at the counter, please simply take a seat and wait until it is your turn.
  • There is a toilet on-site in an adjacent building should you wish to wash your hands – simply ask for directions.
  • If waiting for your scuba/CO2 tank fill to be done, take a seat – choosing one that is not right next to someone already seated.

We want to help keep you underwater as long as possible – lets face it, in these crazy times diving is one of the few safe activities, particularly when using your own gear (shameless plug: if you don’t yet have your own gear maybe now is the time and we can help kit you up) – so by taking these simple steps hopefully we can remain business as usual throughout the COVID-19 crisis. Diving is the one thing that keeps many of us ‘sane’ so lets keep at it as much and as safely as we can.

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