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The following are the Terms and Conditions for this web site.
The use of the terms ‘we’, ‘us’ and ‘our’ indicates Ozaquatec Pty Ltd (trading as Ozaquatec Scuba Service Centre ABN ……)
The use of the term ‘you’ indicates you as the customer or user of this web site.
The use of the term ‘their’ or ‘they’ indicates anyone you provide, loan or sell equipment to purchased from this web site.

By accessing information and purchasing items from this web site, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

Content and Associated Web Site Information:

None of the information contained on this web site constitutes advice either implied, explicit or of a general nature.

While we make every effort to ensure the information contained within the web site is correct, we take no responsibility for the accuracy of the content contained within or omitted from the site.

No warranty is expressed or implied by the contents of this web site except where the law in general is applicable.

Much of the information contained about goods on the site is supplied by the manufacturer / supplier of the goods and therefore we take no responsibility for the correctness of the information contained or the supply of this information.

We and other organisations supply images / logos / trademarks / information / details / and other copyrighted information to this web page. All images / logos / trademarks / information / details / and other copyrighted information remain the property of the owner. None of these images / logos / trademarks / information / details / and other copyrighted information can be used without the express permission of the owner.

Third Parties

This site is hosted online by a third party. We have chosen to use third parties to provide superior web services and information security – it’s their core business and lets us focus on our core business, providing goods and services to you.

Other related parties are linked off this site (i.e. social media sites, payment sites etc). Use of this site confirms your acceptance that your personal information is held by us on a third party site and that security of that site is out of our control. You acknowledge use of third party sites and do not hold us accountable or liable for any damages what so ever arising from any breaches of security on the third party sites either used by us or linked from this site.

While all care is taken, we cannot be liable or held responsible for any damages or harm caused by accessing this site as it is hosted in the ‘cloud’ by a third party.

Since the site is hosted by a third party, we cannot always guarantee that the web site will be fully operational. If the site is unavailable, this is out of our control and any damage or harm caused will not be our responsibility. You warrant and grant us full indemnity against system failure and any harm or damage caused to you by using this site.


We take security very seriously. We have installed the latest in security on our systems to protect our data and the transfer of your information. However, threats will always remain. Our hosting provider, provide us the latest in secure protection and continue to update and improve security. However, you too need to be diligent. We suggest you have the latest version of your preferred security software installed and continue to monitor it’s effectiveness. You will not hold us responsible for any failure of the security system as part of this platform, any other provider that is linked to our web site or any of your systems.

You acknowledge that on-line systems, hardware and software change very rapidly. While all care is taken to continue to follow and keep pace with changes in all forms of technology, it cannot be guaranteed that all systems will be the latest version at any given point in time or perform at their optimal level due to interface and integration changes.


These terms and conditions are governed by and will be construed in accordance with the laws of Queensland and the parties agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the courts of that state.


You acknowledge that scuba diving contains inherent risks and you acknowledge that you (and any other person you provide equipment to which may have been purchased from this web site) are aware of and fully understand these risks. You (or any other person using this equipment provided by you and if purchased from us) agree to indemnify us in all aspects of the use or your (and their) inability to use any of the products you purchase from this site.

We recommend proper scuba diving training from internationally recognised scuba diving training agencies and that you (or any other person using equipment purchased by you from this site) are appropriately trained and certified when using scuba diving equipment on land, actually scuba diving in water or performing any other water activities, be it recreational scuba diving, technical scuba diving or any other water based activity. We cannot be held responsible or liable for your (or any other person’s) lack of knowledge, training, expertise or experience when using any of the equipment purchased from this site.

You acknowledge that you (or any other person using equipment purchased by you from this site) have proper, suitable and recognised qualifications in scuba diving for the style, level and complexity of scuba diving you (or they) are undertaking (be it recreational or technical scuba diving) and thus indemnify us against all claims herewith.

You agree to test purchased regulators and BCD systems in a pool or in pool like open water conditions (i.e. to a depth of 2m or less) to ensure that all gear functions correctly and has been assembled correctly before use in full open water situations, especially in any overhead environment. We are retailers and as such do not generally assemble the gear you have purchased (unless specifically requested to do so). To this end, you indemnify us for any failure of assembly of equipment and any injury caused by such.


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