UniDive SSI Courses – expression of interest Preview Form

UniDive SSI Courses – expression of interest Preview

Please complete this form to register your interest in any of our courses. We will then be in touch to get you on the right path towards becoming an open water diver or advancing your existing dive certifications.

All students must complete a medical declaration before commencing the course. Some may be required to get a medical physicians sign off before we will permit you to join - if we request this it is non-negotiable. This is for your safety and the safety of others as ANY medical incident underwater increases the risk of injury to all divers involved. This is simply here to give us an indication of possible delays in you being able to join on a course for when we are scheduling groups. Having a disability does not automatically mean no diving - our DDI instructor can discuss with you what adaptations can be made to make diving a safe an enjoyable activity for you.