We’re going Deep…XDeep

We’re going Deep…XDeep

We are excited to have recently signed up to be the first XDeep retailer in Queensland. This is a fantastic product coming to you out of Poland with meticulous, innovative and well thought through design, constructed to exacting standards with materials sourced from Europe and the United States.

The range suits divers of all types – caves, wrecks or reefs, be it recreational, or technical, with systems set up for single tank, twin tank or sidemount diving. They are designed to grow and adapt with you as you advance your diving experience and style so they have something suited for beginners through to the most advanced diving – and you need never change your harness!

All components can be purchased so we can help you build a system designed specifically for you.

Being modular, you can easily build your own system or buy extra wings to switch out your single tank wing, for a twin tank wing in a matter of seconds, or if a component needs replacement you can simply buy that part.

Sizing is a one-size fits all with harnesses that have ample adjustment ability. Once yours has arrived we will help you adjust it to suit you in store.

One of our regulars, Trav, had already acquired a XDeep GHOST and kindly wrote us a review, here is his #XDeepReview

Hanging out on the deep stop trying to point something out to me

I purchased the xDeep Ghost Deluxe travel BCS about 3 months ago after researching backplate and wing style BCDs for some time. Since purchasing i have used the BCD on approximately 40 dives, including 26 dives on the WWII wrecks of Truk Lagoon. 

Moving from a Jacket style BCD to backplate and wing brought immediate benefits in being more streamlined, which helped reduce my air consumption. The BCD weighs 2.4kg out of the box, which makes it ideal for travel. I like that there are two cam bands to attach the tank with, so i should never have a loose tank issue. The weight system works well, with options for mounting trim weights on the cam bands that attach to the tank, as well as dumpable weight pockets that sit high under the rib area, which helps to maintain proper trim. 

The one downside of moving from a jacket style BCD to a backplate and wing is that there is less storage space as there are no jacket pockets, however this is easily solved by adding the xDeep cargo pocket. I’ve mounted this on my right side in front of the dumpable weight pocket and it is large enough to take an extra mask and a few other items.

I would highly recommend this BCD as a great all-rounder for recreational diving that is travel friendly

Travis in his XDeep GHOST Deluxe on the wreck of the Gosei Maru in Chuuk Lagoon – note the positioning achieved
Trav loves his new XDeep GHOST

When we asked Trav “do you love the GHOST or is it more of a ‘like’ situation?” His answer was simple- “Yes, its definitely love”

How can you get one?

The #XDeep range is being loaded to our online shop as I type and some models will be available to view in store in the coming weeks. If you are already sold on the XDeep then put in an order this week using our introductory discount code PO-XD-190818 at the checkout for 10% off (orders over $500 only). It is valid until Sunday 18 Aug 19.

By the way – we have extended the coupon to include a 10% discount on our dive fill cards – as long as your total order is over $500 – so if you do a lot of diving grab a fill card of 5/10/20/30/50 fills

Heres the link to the shop once there, click on the XDeep tag on the left to see the full range.

Note – while it only allows you to pay by bank deposit at present, if you add a note in the checkout area that you want to pay by credit card that is no problem – we will email you an invoice for your order with a link to pay on credit card – please note that we add 1.5% surcharge for credit card payments.

We will also have a couple of models that you can hire so you can trial it before purchasing. Talk to us if you would like to do that.

Remember – #ThereIsNoSuchThingAsTooMuchDiveGear so buy your #XDeep wing system this week 🙂

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